Adopting co-creation processes for developing PROTAX solutions

Co-creation is a collaborative process through which defining an issue and undertaking work to collectively create a solution to address...
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PROTAX launches new toolkits and training activities for policymakers and law enforcement agencies across Europe: Join us!

Since October 2020, the PROTAX Research Consortium has been virtually travelling across the EU Member States to present three cutting-edge...
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FinCEN files reveal important information sharing challenges in countering tax crimes in the EU

The recent FinCEN files leak demonstrated the scale of the problem of information-sharing across borders when it comes to countering...
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PROTAX provides solutions for the prevention and prosecution of tax crimes

About Protax

Researchers, law enforcement agencies and national tax authorities from several EU countries have joined the three-year, EU-funded PROTAX project to generate policy guidelines and toolkits to harmonise the treatment of tax crime and enhance information sharing across different European jurisdictions

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