Pandora Papers: Does history repeat?

The recent Pandora Papers[1] have once again confirmed the importance of whistle-blowers and investigative journalists in unearthing the hidden and...
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PROTAX International Conference – Addressing Human and Legal Factors in Tax Compliance and Enforcement in the EU and Beyond – 7-8 July 2021

PROTAX would like to invite you to attend online the final PROTAX conference on “Addressing Human and Legal Factors in...
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Discussion with German Tax Experts on PROTAX Toolkits

Members of the PROTAX consortium held an online workshop with stakeholders from the German tax law community on the 4...
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PROTAX provides solutions for the prevention and prosecution of tax crimes

About Protax

Researchers, law enforcement agencies and national tax authorities from several EU countries have joined the three-year, EU-funded PROTAX project to generate policy guidelines and toolkits to harmonise the treatment of tax crime and enhance information sharing across different European jurisdictions

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