PROTAX web toolkit: digital resources for better prevention and prosecution of tax crimes

Tax crimes evolve at a fast pace and often involve the collaboration of diverse actors and enablers across borders. This makes it challenging for law enforcement agencies and policymakers to effectively combat tax crimes across Europe.

Our PROTAX web toolkit identifies knowledge gaps based on empirical research and provides benchmarks to compare tools and methods to counter tax crimes in the EU. The resources include toolkits for various stakeholders, policy guidelines, case studies, a risk assessment methodology and guidance for practitioners and law enforcement agencies to improve EU-wide action and co-operation.

The resources will be particular useful if you:

  • are interested in policies on countering tax crime in Europe;
  • work in tax crime investigation and prosecution on a national and international level;
  • want to identify vulnerabilities in tackling tax crimes and money laundering;
  • research fraud, tax crimes and corruption