The Role of Human Factors in the Tax Crime Ecosystem – Workshop

PROTAX is delighted to announce a talk by project co-ordinator Prof Dr Umut Turksen at the 2020 Indiana/Leeds Summer Tax Workshop Series.

Prof Dr Turksen, Professor of Law at Coventry University, will contribute to the series with an online talk discussing ‘The Role of Human Factors in Tax Compliance and Countering Tax Crimes’ on 25 June 2020, Thursday, 3:30-5pm BST.

The series covers a wide range of topics, for instance digital tax or cross-border taxation. In his talk, Prof Dr Turksen will focus on the human factors in the ecosystem of tax crime prevention and prosecution, a key emphasis in the three-year H2020 project, PROTAX.

In fact, consortium partners have worked to better understand the realm of human factors – the role of whistle-blowers, enablers, and perpetrators – in tax crimes within and across borders.

PROTAX focus group discussions on countering tax crimes have already generated fresh insights on conflicting interests and competing ethical pressures present within different tax communities. These new understandings will inform the ultimate objective of PROTAX which is to generate innovative policy guidelines and toolkits to help EU law enforcement agencies and tax authorities in combating tax crimes.

The transatlantic 2020 Summer Tax Workshop Series brings together leading tax scholars, policy experts and tax law practitioners from all over the world to discuss recent developments and cutting-edge issues in taxation. The talks are open to attendance by interested faculty, tax experts, and students, for more information, visit the announcement post.

The workshops are jointly organised by the Indiana University Maurer School of Law and the University of Leeds School of Law and hosted by Dr Leopoldo Parada (University of Leeds) and Dr Leandra Lederman (Indiana University).

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